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Booty, Baseness and Blogging

A friend of mine who runs his own website ( and I, had a bit of a cosmic disagreement on the nature of blogsphere, specifically, if you disclose your sexual history and/or their mental state on your blog. His side: [H]onestly, who DOESN'T write about "that special someone" in their journals? Conversely, who doesn't write about "that crazy someone" in their journals? I'm not publishing anything libelous, I'm not naming names. Finally, when (if) I do meet a good woman again I would only post the nicest of things. Like JPGs and AVIs. :)"

My side: I think its rather immature. I don't go so far as to say wrong (That'd be a morality play, and fuck that noise), but its insanely unrespecting of the other side -- especially when that other a) isn't likely to read your blog and b) can't defend him/herself. Its something akin to discussing a close secret of a friend, or your recent colonoscopy -- Sure, its details in your life, it affected you in some way, but some things are better kept internalized, or at least relegated to a small number of friends -- rather than the wold.

I always thought of this as a violation of the kiss and tell principle: If we kiss, you don't tell. Does that even exist outside of my warped brain? Did men systematically report this in their local paper, before blogs existed? Did women?

I personally try hard to make my blog less about the minutae in my life, and more about things that I figure someone could benefit from. Maybe its some internal fear of being tracked down and having my words used against me. Maybe its because I still (despite everyone's worst opinions;) still have a modicum of tact.

Question for the reader: Are some things better left unsaid?

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